Design and planning

A good garden begins with a good plan. Size, garden layout, seed varieties, planting and harvest schedule, all these depend on how much and what kinds of produce you want, and what the exact conditions of your garden site are. For each kind of vegetable—say, tomatoes—there are literally hundreds of different varieties to choose from, each one with its own flavor, appearance, and care requirements. All these options can get overwhelming, which is why we simplify the process for you. We’ll work with you as you decide what kind of garden you want and then we’ll put together a plan to make it happen.

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Construction and Planting

Especially in the spring of the first year, construction and planting is where the heavy lifting of gardening is. We’ll build raised beds and cold frames, develop fertile soil, and install trellises. If the plan calls for it, we’ll install irrigation systems. Planting can be tricky—do it too early, and a late frost could kill the plants. Do it too late, and the growing season might not be long enough. Some seedlings have to start in a cold frame and be transplanted, others need thinning, and there is always a danger that a bed could be damaged by animals and have to be planted twice. You don’t have to worry about any of that if you don’t want to. We’ll take care of it. Request Free Quote

All-year care

All-year care is the weeding, watering, and checking for insect pests that must be done every few days–or sometimes every day–during the growing season. Often, it only really needs a few minutes at a time, but it cannot be put off or skipped, even for a few days. If the rain fails for a week mid-season, the garden’s need for water is absolutely non-negotiable. Fortunately, if that is the week you aren’t available, say you get busy at work, or say you have plans for a great vacation, we’ll be there.

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Harvesting is the other busy season in gardening, besides planting—except, depending on what you have growing, the harvest season might last for months. Prompt harvesting is important. Many plants, such as squash, cucumbers, and sweet corn, are actually eaten in an unripe state and must therefore be picked at just the right time. Other plants will stop producing if not harvested. We’re happy to help you keep up with it all—we’ll even help you figure out how to make use of the sudden wealth of produce with lots of recipes and easy food-preservation techniques.

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On-site Composting

Composting is the art of turning organic waste, such as weeds or kitchen scraps—into fertile soil. And it is an art. A basic pile will eventually digest anything that was once alive and it requires nothing except protection from scavenging animals. But a little careful planning and regular care makes the composting process faster, prevents objectionable odors from developing, and results in a higher-quality finished product. We’re happy to take care of the details for you, right on sight.

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Photo Gallery

Here are some of our favorite projects and harvested fruits and vegetables.

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